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The Blackjackits
  It was in 2007 when the BlackJackits charged into the Southern California music scene! Armed with a unique blend of punk, psychobilly, and dark melodies, the BlackJackits high energy live show immediately set them apart. Formed by Kenny Hill, multi-instrumental commando, after the breakup of Those Rockin' Bullets, first line up was: Kenny Hill-Guitar and VocalsVic Yamasaki (Barnyard Ballers)-Slap BassMike Garcia-Drums.

  Kenny was also playing slap bass in legendary international headliners, The Quakes, from 06-10. During this time the BlackJackits performed as many shows as possible, in between world tours with the Quakes. Kyle Olson, aka Kro, joined as slap bass assassin. Kro was also a journeymen of the international circuit, well known for his time in Rezurex, Altar Relics, and formerly endorsed by King Doublebass. In 2011, Manny Lutz, hard hitting drummer formerly of Altar Relics, was recruited to keep the beat on drums. Now with a solid line up, 6 years of writing, recording, and performing under their belt, the BlackJackits are poised to decimate audiences with their hard hitting, melodic, blitzkrieg of sound, 
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Kenny Hill- Guitar/Vocals
Kyle Olson aka KRO- Slap Bass
Manny Lutz- Drums

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